Tungsten Nickel Silver Billets

Tungsten Nickel Silver Billets Picture

Generally speaking, tungsten alloy darts are always made of tungsten heavy alloy billets, 80~95%W with binders (Ni, Cu, Fe) of various composition.

Today's standard material for barrel is tungsten alloy billets, and barrel forms the main part of a dart (mainly used in sports). Tungsten has a specific gravity of 19.3(20 ℃ ), so it is a very dense material. For its special properties, nowadays tungsten is widely applied to make darts replacing brass. Because of technical difficulties with manufacturing, a 100% tungsten dart is not available. All "tungsten" darts you can buy are in fact made of tungsten Nickel silver billets.

In recent years a growing number of people has become allergic to Nickel. With Nickel-Tungsten darts being the standard equipment nowadays these people will have problems with their darts.

We could supply tungsten nickel silver billets by various sizes and contents, popularly 70~90% tungsten is used for making both soft-tip and steel tip barrels, ranging from 14~18 gram and 18~40 gram respectively, and sometimes, 65% and 95~97% tungsten are offered following customers’ specific request.